¿ayudanme a traducir al ingles porfavor?

¿ayudanme a traducir al ingles porfavor?


duration of the race
Cost: tuition, monthly
credistos of the institution
key to the race course
study regimen
labor camp
study abroad
Student requsitos

Veterinary Medicine
Minimum Weighted Score: 600.00 points
Last Enrolled 2011: 619.00 points
Admission requirements and weights 2012:
High School Notes 20%
Proof of Language and Communication 30%
Mathematics test 35%
Science test 15%

Scholarships and financial aid

Faculty of Veterinary Science
• Excellence Scholarship Dr. Nelson Barria
Corresponds to two annual scholarships awarded to students Tariff outstanding academic excellence, from the second year surrendered.
• Food Scholarship
Food is to support students from high socioeconomic risk and complements the programs supported by the University, PAE.
University of Chile
• California University of Chile
Academic excellence scholarships to 100 students with financial shortfall. Finance official length of the race.
• Economic Support Grants Program, PAE (download document)
Corresponds to a contribution in money according to the economic situation of the student. Awarded for eight months and can meet nutritional needs, locomotion, photocopies and other.
• University Home
Residence and provides food to students from deficient economic region. Vacancies according to availability.
• Preschool Grants support
Provides assistance to students who live and care for their children, without alternative care and economic deficit.

Ministry of Education
• Tariff Scholarships
• Bicentennial
• Juan Gomez Millas
• Scholarships Sons of Education Professionals

Grants other institutions
• Repair Grants Rettig Report
• President of the Republic Scholarship
• Indigenous Scholarship
• Scholarships JUNAEB
• Credit solidarity fund and the state-backed credit

Student Profile

Must be characterized by their scientific skills especially related to life sciences and animals. Other attributes are to have a strong spirit of service, responsibility and humanity to enable it cope with ethical and social.
Graduate profile:
The student graduated from the career of Veterinary Medicine of Universidad de Chile, is characterized by the following profile:
"Owning a generalist training, science and technology, be able to practice and follow continuing education programs, imbued with the spirit and humanist ethics required to understand and act in various areas of the profession, such as: Health, welfare and production of land animals and aquatic species, public health, safety and quality of food and the prevention and control of zoonotic and emerging diseases. Demonstrate competence to address new situations and develop integration capabilities, planning, management, transfer and research in different fields of activity. Apply oriented behaviors appropriate precautionary interrelationships between animals and man, promoting sustainable human development in balance and harmony with the environment. "

Occupational field

The professional veterinarian will perform in areas such as:
• medical and surgical centers of domestic animals (veterinary hospital).
• Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories: Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology.
• Livestock Industries: livestock, dairy, meat, poultry, aquaculture (salmon).
• Preventive Veterinary Medicine.
• Veterinary Public Health.
• Animal Health and Production.
• Wildlife rehabilitation centers, zoos and wildlife.
• Economics and Business Administration Animal Husbandry.
• Food Technology.
• research and university teaching and vocational.
• Environmental Health, among others.

Mobility Grants Program Undergraduate Iberoamerica
Mobility Grants Program Undergraduate Iberoamerica
Universities in Spain

Tariffs 2012 for new students

All persons entering the University of Chile, will be charged at the time of study enrollment, the sum of $ 105,700, for the Basic Law of Registration.

$ 3,137,400 anuaeles Veterinary Medicine

Average income the first year
$ 505,000

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