¿Where you learn english online?

I´m looking for the way to learn english trough of internet. My level is basic and I´m interested in to improve. May you help me?

I´m Sorry because I can´t explain better.

Thanks a lot!
¿Where you learn english online?


Well if you want to pay for learn I recomend you Openenglish but if you want to learn in a free page Livemocha.
I think that page is the best for learn a lot of languages also you can talk with people that speak english, portugues, italian etc... :)

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I'm learning Portugese at www.livemocha.com (It's a good site)
You should also try www.bussu.com... there's a variety of
languages you can learn in both websites!!!!
Hope it helps!!!

Heres A Page Where You Can Learn English Online
I Hope it Help's Alot , GoodLuck ^ - ^

You can learn english in www.busuu.com/es it is a very good page!!!

open english is your best option my friend and remember "rechicken" LoL

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